MBE vs TaS2: The Chase for 1T Polytype

Yelyzaveta Chernolevska
Department of Compex Matter F7


1T-TaS2 as one of the transition metal dichalcogenides is of wide interest for the latest years. A wide range of studies has shown that the properties of this material can be used for various applications.

One of the methods to obtain 1T-TaS2 for further investigations – is the growth of thin films using the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Combined with the different characterization methods (AFM for the morphology, XRD for the polytype, and TEM for the layer structure), MBE is a powerful method to obtain 1T-TaS2 films of different thicknesses and sizes.

Starting with the basics of the method, going more into details and the processes, and finally covering the range of various growth parameters, the presentation is showing the advantages of the method in producing high-quality films of the desired material.

The molecular flux, the temperature, the substrate, and the time of the growth – all those variables are crucial to obtain the perfect 1T polytype of TaS2 – and all of them will become simple and obvious for you after the presentation.

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