(STM & Ultrafast Laser) vs TaS2

Yevhenii Vaskivskyi
Department of Compex Matter F7


Studied with different techniques, 1T-TaS2 is still of wide interest because of its unique and various properties. It is known for the metastable hidden state with the chiral domains. 1T-TaS2 can also exist in the amorphous state as well as undergo a partial polytype transformation (into 2H-TaS2) to form a “triangle” or a “stripe” phase.

One can easily obtain the hidden state of 1T-TaS2 using an ultrashort laser pulse or a short electrical pulse. When it comes to the amorphous state – the method is still reasonably simple even though the number of parameters is higher. Coming to the polytype transformation does complicate the method even more. And this is still just the first part – the answer for “How to?”.

The “Why?” part is also included and will cover a range of ongoing and future experiments and ideas for the combination (STM + Ultrafast laser) applied to the 1T-TaS2.

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