Kinetics bottleneck during photoinduced ultrafast insulator-metal transition in 3D orbitally-driven Peierls insulator CuIr2S4

Tomaž Mertelj
Department of Complex Matter, IJS


Ultrafast dynamics across the photoinduced three-dimensional Peierls-like insulator-metal transition in CuIr2S4 was investigated by means of the all-optical ultrafast multi-pulse time-resolved spectroscopy. The structural coherence of the low-T broken symmetry state is strongly suppressed on a sub-picosecond timescale above a threshold excitation fluence, Fc, resulting in a structurally inhomogeneous transient state which persists for several-tens of picoseconds before reverting to the original low-T state. The electronic order shows a transient gap filling at a significantly lower fluence threshold. The data suggest that the photoinduced-transition structural dynamics to the high-T metallic phase is governed by first-order-transition nucleation kinetics that prevents the complete structural transition into the high-T phase even at excitation fluences significantly larger than Fc. In contrast, the dynamically-decoupled electronic order is transiently suppressed a on sub-picosecond timescale rather independently due to a photoinduced Mott transition.

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