Research of ultrafast phase switching in 1T-TaS2 by a picosecond electrical pulse

Rok Venturini
Department of Compex Matter F7


Recent discovery of electronic switching between high and low resistance states of the 1T-TaS₂ shows promising features for development of a high-speed and non-volatile memory device. Picosecond long pulses are needed to probe electronic switching on its intrinsic timescales, as this represents fundamental limit on the speed of device operation. However, controlling such short pulses is challenging.

We present a transmission line circuit on a semiconducting substrate with a photoconductive switch that is designed for excitation and detection of picosecond electrical pulses generated by an ultrafast laser pulse. With recent data we are able to confirm switching of the 1T-TaS₂ resistance is possible by an electrical pulse that is as short as 2 picoseconds.

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