Research projects

H2020 – FET OPEN – 2018-2020

A Magneto-Electric Liquid – Better Sensing (MAGNELIQ)

GA 899285

1.11.2020 – 31.10.2024, dr. Alenka Mertelj

The magnetoelectric (ME) effect, discovered in the 1960s, enables engineers to control electric properties with a magnetic field and vice versa. The only known ME materials to date are solid-state multiferroics, which are under intense study and development for applications in revolutionary memory technologies, and spintronic devices. On the other hand, solid-state piezolelectrics have been exploited in force sensing devices, enabling very high sensitivity to detect small changes, resulting in excellent resolution. While solid ME materials are well-suited to ‘hard’ devices, imagine the ‘flexibility’ – literally and practically – of liquid ME materials. The EU-funded MAGNELIQ project will develop a new liquid material, a ME liquid, and novel sensors that could be used in human-like devices from robotics to prostheses.