Department of complex matter

How to join us

Undergraduate education

At the Complex Matter Department we offer undergraduate students the possibility:
• for practical training,
• to perform the compulsory study practice and
• to perform a diploma work in collaboration with Faculties at which the employees of the Department are enrolled.

Postgraduate education

Qualified graduates are offered the incorporation into the Departments relevant international research work and the acquirement of award a master degree or a Phd degree. Young researchers are having the opportunity:
• to work in international environment,
• to work with highly sophisticated equipment,
• to work in a stimulating research environment,
• to be involved in the research program and the international research projects,
• to enroll in postgraduate study programs at different higher education institutions (University of Ljubljana: Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering; Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School; etc.).

Postdoctoral education