Nonequilibrium Quantum Dynamics and Relaxation Phenomena in Many Body Systems, December 16 – 19, 2018, Krvavec, Slovenia

Nonequilibrium Quantum dynamics is becoming one of the most advanced contemporary research areas in solid state physics, ultracold atoms, nano physics and quantum devices. Understanding of such dynamics in real world systems presents a challenge to experimentalists and theory alike. The time-evolution of many-body quantum systems can be viewed as the time-evolution of quantum information, opening the way to new experimental ideas. At the same time, new and sometimes unexpected experimental discoveries provide stimulus for theory. This workshop continues a tradition with the 7th in the series of focused worskops on nonequilibrium quantum phenomena which by all accounts have been extremely stimulating. This workshop intends to bring together scientists working in the field of:

  • Nonequilibrium quantum dynamics and relaxation phenomena in closed quantum systems
  • Nonequilibrium quantum dynamics in CDW’s, superconductors and frustrated magnetic systems
  • Nonequilibrium quantum dynamics of ultracold atoms in optical lattices