Mimoza Naseska, the recipient of the Faculty Prešeren Prize (FMF) in Physics

On Friday, 18th January, 2019, the Dean of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Prof. Dr. Anton Ramšak, presented the Faculty Prešeren Awards to the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Mimoza Naseska, a young researcher from our department, was one of the recipients of the Faculty Prešeren Award for her work titled “Ultrafast Spin Density Wave dynamics at intense optical pulse excitation”. The work was supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr. Tomaž Mertelj.

About the work

The experimental work for her master’s thesis was carried out at the Jožef Stefan Institute Department of Complex Matter. With the multipulse time-resolved optical spectroscopy, she investigated the femtosecond dynamics in iron pnictides with a spin density wave (SDW) state.


Using this technique she determined the fluence dependence of the timescale for optical destruction and recovery of the SDW state. She also found that the measured heating is significantly smaller than expected on the basis of the optical penetration depth data published in literature.