Overview of the new room-pressure Scanning electron microscope (SEM) at F6

Matjaž Ličen
Department of Complex Matter, IJS


F7 has co-financed a novel scanning electron microscope (SEM) that does not require the sample chamber to be depressurized in order to scan the samples (Prisma E SEM). This is ideal for working with samples that are weakly attached to substrates, which would otherwise be removed from the substrate during evacuation of the sample chamber, or samples whose structure would degrade when exposed to vacuum.

A few weeks ago I attended a demonstration of this SEM at the newly formed F6 department – here, I will share my impressions of the new device and how you might access it.

Those of the attendants that decide to follow it on streaming on the F7 seminar room are here reminded to keep social distance and use masks.

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