On Thursday, 23th January, 2020, the Dean of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Prof. Dr. Anton Ramšak, presented the Faculty Prešeren Awards to the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Jure Brence, former master student from our department, was one of the recipients of the Faculty Prešeren Award for his Master’s work, which he did in the laboratories of our department. The master’s thesis was entitled “Optical frequency doubling in ferromagnetic liquid crystals”. The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Irena Drevenšek Olenik. 

About the work

As part of his master’s degree, he worked on experimental studies of the phenomenon of optical frequency duplication in ferromagnetic liquids crystals. In his work he was extremely independent, precise and systematic. His work represents the first ever measurements of said optical occurrence in such materials. The results were published in a scientific article in the Soft Matter Magazine (RCS).