Magnetically tunable surface properties of magnetoactive elastomers

Irena Drevenšek Olenik
Department of Complex Matter, IJS


Dynamically responsive surfaces are rapidly gaining attention in different areas of modern technology, a well-known example being touch-based interface systems and devices. Among the materials showing promising properties for this kind of applications are composite materials comprised of micrometer-sized ferromagnetic particles embedded in a non-magnetic elastomer matrix that are known as magneto-active elastomers (MAEs). I will discuss the results of our recent investigations of magnetic field-induced modifications of surface topography of MAE, which enable control of various surface properties such as surface reflectivity, wetting and adhesion, by an external magnetic field. I will also present different methods for surface micro-structuring of MAE, which lead to promising features for possible use in magnetically tunable diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and magnetically regulable substrates for controlled splashing of liquid droplets.

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