Ultrafast magnetism in composite ferromagnets. Towards sub-ps switching

Igor Vaskivskyi

Complex Matter Department, Jozef Stefan Institute


The microscopic origin of ultrafast magnetization dynamics has been actively debated for the last three decades and still there is no consensus on many points. Even more questions arise when considering composite materials featuring a combination of intrinsic and proximity-induced magnetic moments. Even though it is often assumed,  but there is no confirmation that the dynamics of different sublattices in the popular ferromagnets consisting of 3d (Co, Fe) and 4d,5d (Pd, Pt) transition metals is the same.

I will present our recent results on element-specific time-resolved magneto-optical studies of composite ferromagnetic alloys, which reveal significant differences in the dynamics of the induced versus intrinsic magnetic moments. I will also show that by choosing appropriate excitation, it is possible to achieve single-pulse transient magnetization reversal on the picosecond time-scale, which possibly can pave the way towards bi-stable single-pulse magnetization switching, in some sense similar to the effect observed in ferrimagnets.

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