prof. dr. Xinzheng Zhang, 22.06.2017 at 13:00, Seminar room F7

Control of Light Field Based on Liquid Crystal/Polymer Composite Structures

prof. dr. Xinzheng Zhang
TEDA Institute of Applied Physics & School of Physics, Nankai University, P. R. China


Liquid Crystal/Polymer Composites (LCPCs) consisting of liquid crystal (LC) and polymer are a new class of functional materials. They possess excellent anisotropy and reconfigurability by external fields. In composites, the polymer plays a role of fixing and confining the liquid crystal molecules. The control of liquid crystal directors is the key to improving the performance of liquid crystal displays or functional liquid crystal devices. Recently, the compartmentalized or multiple states LC alignment has become the research highlight. Control of light field is a perpetual and pivotal challenge in optics and photonics. By adjusting the amplitude, polarization or phase of one incident light, a Gaussian beam can be converted into different specific optical beam. In order to realize the control of the LC molecules and light field, we develop a new alignment technology which can realize the accurate and arbitrary azimuthal angle control of liquid crystals. The specific optical beams can be generated via the predesigned liquid crystal/polymer composite structures. The main contents include realization of patterned LC alignment in arbitrary microstructures and generating the specific optical beams by q-plates based on Liquid Crystal/Polymer Composite structures.