MultiQM: “Multi-scale modeling of non-equilibrium quantum materials”

Denis Golež
Department of Complex Matter, IJS


In this seminar, I will provide an impression of the ARRS project MultiQM that aims to lift the description of nonequilibrium dynamics in quantum materials to the material-specific level. I will focus on an example of the non-linear optical response of collective mode in excitonic materials to present the current level of the theoretical description and illustrate the final goal.

The competition between the lattice and electronic degrees of freedom in excitonic materials has recently attracted a lot of attention. I will suggest a new direction on how to employ the nonlinear optical response that depends in a characteristic way on whether the insulating behavior originates primarily from electron-electron or electron-lattice interactions. When the system is primarily driven by the Coulomb interaction, the non-linear response is dominated by a huge second harmonics response, which is negligible in the lattice driven situation.

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