Nonequilibrium dynamics of many body quantum systems has become one of the most advanced contemporary research areas in solid state physics, ultra cold atoms, nanophysics and quantum devices. Understanding of such dynamics, which in some cases leads to unusual nonequilibrium steady states, presents a challenge to experimentalists and theory alike. Equally concurrent is an open question related the role of ergodicity breaking mechanisms in many body quantum systems, e.g., in systems subject to strong disorder. At the same time, new and sometimes unexpected experimental discoveries provide stimulus for theory. This workshop continues the tradition with the 9th focused workshop on nonequilibrium phenomena. The aim is to bring together experiment and theory in an informal setting that has been extremely stimulating on previous occasions. The workshop intends to bring together scientists working in the field of:

  • Nonequilibrium dynamics in correlated solid state systems such as charge density wave, superconducting and magnetic systems
  • Nonequilibrium dynamics in “artificial” quantum systems such as ultra cold atoms in optical lattices and quantum dots
  • Nonequilibrium dynamics and measures of ergodicity in quantum many body systems
  • Finite-temperature properties of systems with strong electron or electron phonon interactions

Due to the COVID-19 situation the conference will be online only.

Nonequilibrium Quantum Workshop

10th Liquid Matter Conference, 17-21 July 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The conference will be held from July 17 through 21 2017 at the Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Previous conferences in the series were hosted by Lyon (1990), Florence (1993), Norwich (1996), Granada (1999), Konstanz (2002), Utrecht (2005), Lund (2008), Vienna (2011) and Lisbon (2014). The purpose of the conference is to review recent advances in experimental, theoretical, and applied studies in the liquid state of matter, bringing together researchers working in the physics and chemistry of liquids as well as in several closely related fields such as soft condensed matter and biophysics. The 10th Liquid Matter Conference is an Europhysics Conference.

The conference will open Monday morning July 17 2017 and close around lunchtime on Friday July 21 2017. The conference will consist of plenary lectures and of topical symposia including keynote lectures, contributed oral presentations, and poster sessions.


  1. Ionic Liquids, Liquid Metals
  2. Water, Solutions
  3. Liquid Crystals
  4. Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, Biopolymers
  5. Colloids
  6. Films, Foams, Surfactants, Emulsions
  7. Confined Fluids, Interfacial Phenomena
  8. Supercooled Liquids, Glasses, Gels
  9. Driven Systems, Rheology, Nanofluidics
  10. Active Matter
  11. Biological and Biomimetic Fluids