Noninvasive monitoring of self-healing bruises in human skin using optical techniques

Boris Majaron
Department of Complex Matter, IJS


Our unique method for non-invasive characterization of human skin was recently augmented and applied to monitoring of dynamical processes in traumatic bruises. The approach combines two optical techniques (diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and pulsed photothermal radiometry) with a numerical model of light transport in a four-layer model of human skin.

Analyses of incidentally acquired bruises over a period of 16 days clearly indicate the substantial increase of the dermal blood content and reduction of its oxygenation level in the first days after injury, followed by the emergence of bilirubin, and subsequent relaxation of all model parameters towards the values characteristic for healthy skin. The assessed values and time dependences are consistent with existing literature. Thus, the presented methodology offers a viable approach for studies of the bruise healing dynamics, which might lead to development of a technique for objective assessment of the bruise age in forensics.

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