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Upcoming seminar: Dr. Daniel Zabek, 11.4.2019, 13:00, Seminar room F7

Solid state generators and energy harvesters for waste heat recovery and thermal energy harvesting Dr. Daniel Zabek, Institute of Heat Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland Abstract: Solid state thermal to electrical energy converters are capable of transforming low grade heat directly into electricity for waste heat recovery and thermal energy harvesting. Direct solid state […]

SMEC Student Prize 2019 to Jaka Vodeb

Young researcher Jaka Vodeb was awarded SMEC Student Prize 2019 for an outstanding oral presentation Correlated Configurational States and a Quantum Charge Liquid in Layered Metallic Dichalcogenides in the international meeting Study of matter at extreme conditions (SMEC 2019), March 30 – April 06, 2019, Miami – East Caribbean – Miami. diploma

The brain of the Slovenian nation

Inštitut danes zaposluje skoraj tisoč ljudi, od tega jih je skoraj polovica doktorjev znanosti. Kapaciteta znanja na enem mestu je neprimerljiva s čimerkoli v državi in je spoštovanja vredna intelektualna sila tudi v širšem prostoru. Na leto objavijo v povprečju 15 patentov, so partner podjetij, kot so Domel, Droga, Balder, Kolektor, Danfoss, Cinkarna, Eti, Gen, […]

27TH DAYS OF JOŽEF STEFAN | March 23 – 29

Each year since 1993, at the end of March, the Institute has organised the Days of Jožef Stefan, with the aim being to popularise science and to celebrate the birthday of this great Slovenian physicist. This year, the 70th anniversary of the Institute will be celebrated. Programme 2019

Upcoming seminar: Dr. Victor Vega-Mayoral, 28.3.2019, 13:00, Seminar room F7

Fabrication of thin film transistors and energy storage devices from liquid phase exfoliated nanosheets Dr. Victor Vega-Mayoral, CRANN & AMBER research centers, Trinity College Dublin, School of physics, Trinity College Dublin Abstract: Transition metal dichalcogenides has been one of the most promising family of materials for a lustrum. Strong light matter interaction and high mobilities […]

69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

We are pleased to inform you that the scientific review panel of the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings has selected young researcher Jan Ravnik to participate in the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting taking place from 30 June to 05 July 2019 in Lindau, Germany. Only the 600 most qualified young scientists can […]

Fotoinducirana koherentna teraherčna emisijska spektroskopija v stanju z valom gostote naboja, Magistrska naloga

Mentor: doc. dr. Tomaž Mertelj (tomaz.mertelj@ijs.si) Snovi z valom elektronske gostote so postale ena od pomembnejših tem v neravnovesni fiziki trdne snovi. Pri tem zaradi razpoložljivosti laserjev s femtosekundnimi svetlobnimi bliski in enostavnosti prevladujejo optične metode, kjer s stroboskopskimi metodami merimo ultrahitre spremembe dielektrične funkcije v širokem spektralnem področju. Pri tem navadno merimo optično prepustnost […]

Sculpting stable structures in pure liquids

Science Advances has published the article Sculpting stable structures in pure liquids, which has been done under supervision of Uroš Tkalec from Condensed matter physics JSI by Tadej Emeršič, Žiga Kos, Simon Čopar and Natan Osterman from University of Ljubljana and Rui Zhang and Juan J. de Pablo from University of Chicago. Authors are reporting […]

Dr. Romano A. Rupp received the medal dedicated to the “Most Influential Foreign Experts during 40 Years of China’s Reform”

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, 40 foreigners were selected for a distinguished award by the Foreign Expert Medal of China’s State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. After local recommendations, public voting, and expert review the list with the 40 laureates was finally presented by Lu Ming of the […]

Time-resolved reflectivity and Raman studies of the interplay of electronic orders in Mo8 O23

Molybdenum suboxides have been gaining attention lately due to their potential as charge storage materials and memory elements. In spite of increased interest in their functional properties, the phase diagrams, transient, and even equilibrium optical properties have not been systematically studied for many molybdenum suboxides, such as, for example, monoclinic semimetallic Mo8O23. This compound undergoes an […]

Mottness collapse without metallization in the domain wall of the triangular-lattice Mott insulator 1T−TaS2

Domain walls in insulating materials may be orders of magnitude more conducting than the bulk, allowing one to design the material functionality by their patterning. Studies of inhomogeneities such as domain walls in the presence of strong electronic interactions is a very challenging problem. A particularly interesting case is that of Mott insulators, where electrons are […]

Jan Ravnik, 14.2.2019 at 11:00, F7 Seminar room

Direct detection of ultrafast switching in quantum cryo-memory devices Jan Ravnik, Department of Complex Matter, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia Abstract: Giant leaps in information technology place demands for devices that can no longer be met by current semiconductor technologies, while the power consumption of the IT sector is an urgent global environmental concern. Cryo-cooled […]