Anton Hromov, 28.8.2019, 15:00, Seminar room F7

Spectral properties and energy transfer in DNA fragment

Anton Hromov, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Department of Experimental Physics


Spectral properties and energy transfer in DNA fragment.

Studied objects: single stranded HIV primers, telomeres fragment, polynucleotide poly(dAdT)2, the oligonucleotide d(CCCGGGTTTAAA), the trimer d(ATC) and the low molecular model compounds dGMP, dAMP, dCMP and dTMP.
Measurement of absorption spectra, fluorescence and phosphorescence were carried out at various temperatures (T = 4.2K,77K, 300K).
The system of energy sites and electronic processes in the oligonucleotides were examined.
The Jablonski diagram of studied samples was constructed, the paths of energy transfer were investigated.

The nature of the electronic excitations capturing centres in the DNA
V Yashchuk, V Kudrya, M Losytskyy, H Suga, T Ohul’chanskyy


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