Aleksander Yu. Kuntsevich, 22.11.2018 at 11:00, F7 Seminar room

SrₓBi₂Se₃-nematicity, superconductivity, crystals and thin films

Aleksander Yu. Kuntsevich, P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia


3D topological insulator Bi₂Se₃ attracts much attention as a platform for future low consumption spintronics and quantum computations. Recently, nematic (and possibly topological) superconductivity was discovered in AₓBi₂Se₃, where A = Cu, Sr, Nb. In my talk I will discuss phenomenology of the nematicity, observed in SrₓBi₂Se₃ single crystals in both superconducting and normal states. I will also review our efforts on molecular beam epitaxy growth of both parent compound Bi₂Se₃ and Sr-doped Bi₂Se₃ thin films. The latter appear to be non-superconducting because Sr atoms in the films get different positions than in the crystals. Our results call for novel growth approaches for design of superconducting SrₓBi₂Se₃ thin films.

Poster [PDF]