Department of complex matter

Dynamics of complex nano-systems

Head: Prof. Dr. Dragan Mihailović
Duration: 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2020
ARRS number: P1-0040 

The aim of the research program is to investigate complex nano-systems, focusing on nonequilibrium dynamics of new and existing nano-materials, nonperiodic inhomogeneous matter, and biological nanosystems, as well as the relations between their dynamic properties and function.
The program encompasses synthesis of nanomaterials (in particular nanowires and nanotubes based on transition-metal chalcogenides), research of their interaction with organic molecules (e.g., proteins and DNA) via different functionalisation routes, and construction of sensors and related devices using electron beam and tunneling nanolithography techniques.
Dynamical properties of complex nanosystems will be characterised using various physical measurement techniques, ranging from measurements of spin dynamics via magnetic, optical and single-molecule nano-transport measurements to femtosecond spectroscopy studies.
The main strengths of the proposed program are derived from a strong interdisciplinary approach, based on new materials and new research techniques pioneered at the Jozef Stefan Institute, facilitating capitalisation and technology transfer to industry on one hand, while at the same time performing a basic research program at the forefront of science, on the other. Details